Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Portfolio update

I have added another project to my portfolio site. It's an ongoing investingation of childrens rides, such as the 50p ride outside a store (to keep the kids occupied while mum shops) to the ones that are built to entertain children in parks. I will be adding to it over time in the same way that I will be updating Messages. You can see it here.

On another note and this is nothing to do with my portfolio, I feel like airing something and as this is my site, well I guess no one can stop me.

London is a very youth oriented society to the point of attaching no value to experience or wisdom gained the hard way (age). I'm not saying this with bitterness just observing it and I wonder, when every society re-invents itself through the cycle of birth and death... is it natural for the young up and coming 'new guard' to fashion a society that excludes their elders.... or is it something that is symptomatic of the western disposable culture.

And another thing... I travelled around the world in the 60's and have travelled a lot in the last 5 years and I must say; today everything seems the same but with a different language. When I travelled back in the stone age (60's) everything was different, not just the language! The global economy and the homogenisation of our cultures/societies is nothing I can be proud of.

Just had to say it!

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