Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday afternoon and not much happening!

So I have surfed and surfed and found the same photo stories almost word for word in more than a few places! So is this blog sphere (photo) boring or just hitting a brick wall?

Or is it that I have hit a brick wall? You may have noticed or not that my shots are different lately, well I guess that is what happens when you use a new format/camera.

I bought a Ricoh GR 2 just a few weeks ago, I was tired of lugging the Canon 5D around!

What do I think of it, well it's a mixed bag really:
  1. great build and feels very nice to the touch
  2. images are only really sharp up to about 15 feet
  3. probably the best ap is f3.5
  4. noisy
  5. would I buy it again (no)
  6. do I carry it with me everywhere (YES)
  7. have I taken images that I would have ordinarily missed (YES)
So some London headlines:
  1. Prince Harry to come home
  2. 'The Gurkhas think it's hilarious I'm called the Bullet Magnet'
  3. Jersey police hear fresh claims of abuse
  4. Watchdog tells police not to look into Conway affair
  5. Swiss embassy gets Banksy makeover
  6. Primary schools fail on basic literacy
  7. House prices drop for fourth consecutive month
Next: is Leica going to fold?

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