Monday, May 18, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts lately ( and shit ones I have posted )... finally had some paying work so my head was in the crapper... hopefully I can get out and shoot this week although sometimes I wonder why I do it... then I remember I can't live without it... Mark Page over at MANCHESTER PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG talks about seeing the same thing over and over and wonders if everyone is shooting (creating) for the galleries / market and not really trying to explore... I think he's right.

There isn't much room for those that shoot something else. Not that I am, but then I'm stuck in a 60's funk where this all started for me.

On something else that's pissing me off... our government ministers who think that they can rob us and then claim 'well it's the system' and then pay back the money (i hope they are paying the interest also) just begger's belief!!! I can't wait till all the diss-advantaged in this country start to use the same set of justifications while the government is trying to put them in jail!! Benefit fraud etc.

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